Al Wadi General Trading LLC is a registered and licensed Manufacturing Company based in ICAD III Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our company specializes in producing a wide range of Tissue Paper products, including Bathroom Tissues, Face tissues, Paper Napkins, Paper Towels, and Specialty and Custom Wrapped Tissues. We cater to both home consumers and commercial clients, such as Hospitals, Jewelry and Manufacturing Companies, and Hotels.

We have implemented strategic market positioning and competitive pricing to ensure that our products and services meet the high standards expected by our customers in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC). We believe that human resources are crucial to any business, and we are committed to hiring individuals who are not only a perfect fit for our company’s operations but also contribute to a productive and healthy work environment. We invest heavily in the welfare of our employees, which in turn contributes to the company’s success.

Our facilities are designed to be accessible and conducive to efficient production and distribution. Additionally, we have a strong trading division that provides quality paper products and janitorial accessories like aerosol, body shampoo, sanitizer, perfume, and more. For more information, you can visit our company’s website at

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Explore the World of Daily Care Products with Al Wadi General Trading L.L.C. & Al Wadi Paper Industries LLC: A Trusted Partner in the UAE for Quality Paper Products, Cleaning Chemicals, and Exceptional Delivery Service.  All Just a QR Scan Away to find us.

Abu Dhabi

Al Wadi Paper Industries, ICAD III, Al Baydar St, Abu Dhabi Industrial City, 641


Al Wadi Paper Products & Detergents, Jiddah St - Al Jerf Industrial 3, 6263

Lotus Alwadi Tissue

We’re proud to present our diverse range of Tissue products. We showcases the varieties we offer, from facial tissues to kitchen rolls, each packaged distinctively to reflect the quality and quantity: whether it’s 100 to 600 tissues per box.

Our brand, LOTUS ALWADI, is committed to providing premium tissue products, and we invite customers to visit our website at “” to explore our offerings.

Lotus flower symbolize the care and quality we infuse into every product, ensuring that each item not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


We’re thrilled to introduce our comprehensive line of Cleaning products including liquid soaps, fabric softeners, and surface cleaners, each in a uniquely designed bottle that signifies its purpose.

We commitment not only to cleanliness but also to bringing joy and freshness into every home. We take pride in our brand, LOTUS Alwadi, which is displayed in both English and Arabic, symbolizing our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We encourage everyone to discover the effectiveness of our products and experience the difference they make in maintaining a clean and healthy living space.


we’re excited to showcase our exquisite collection of fragrances each representing a different scent from our brand. The bottles are elegantly designed, with patterns and colors that capture the essence of each fragrance.

Our brand name, LOTUS Alwadi, is proudly displayed in both Arabic and English, reflecting our global appeal. We believe in crafting perfumes that not only smell wonderful but also evoke emotions and memories. We invite fragrance enthusiasts to explore our range and find their signature scent that truly represents their personality and style.


We’re delighted to introduce our line of room sprays, designed to bring a burst of freshness into any space each with a floral theme that promises to transform your surroundings with just a spritz.

The Room Spray, Bottles, along with their matching packaging, enhance the ambiance of your home or office, offering an instant uplift with our delightful fragrances and the brand name “Lotus Alwadi” in both English and Arabic. We take pride in our products’ ability to uplift the enchanting aromas of our room sprays and enjoy the lasting freshness they provide.

LOTUS SUFRA ROLL and Garbage Bags.

We offer disposable table sheets (Sufra Rolls) that are perfect for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene during meals. Accompanying the rolls are our biodegradable garbage bags, available in large and extra-large sizes, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.

Each product is carefully labeled with size specifications and quantity, ensuring customers can easily find what they need. We take pride in offering practical and eco-friendly solutions for households.

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